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Serving staff are responsible for providing food and beverage service at events.

They are responsible for setting up the tables, serving the food and beverages, and ensuring that guests have an enjoyable dining experience. 

Our skilled waiters and waitresses have worked for many years in the restaurant industry, serving at all kinds of parties and weddings.

We have waiters, waitresses, bartenders, dishwashers and sommeliers available.

Our wait staff take care of guests in an extraordinary way.

Renommé Event serveringspersonal
Renommé Event, serveringspersonal och bartenders, servers and bartenders for your next event, eventpersonal jobb

Bartenders are responsible for providing beverage service at events.

They are responsible for mixing and serving drinks, managing the bar area, and ensuring that guests have an enjoyable experience. 

Planning a wedding? Renommé’s staff will serve champagne and cut the cake while guests mingle after the ceremony.

We'll set the table, keep track of meal requests during food service, refill drinks and clear the table once the meal is finished, making sure that the venue is kept clean and tidy. 

Renommé Event, wedding and reception staff, servers, bartenders, hosts and hostesses

Our servers and bartenders are ready to:

  • Set up and clearing tables and place settings
  • Serve food and beverages
  • Provide assistance to guests as needed
  • Ensure that the dining area (and bar) are clean and presentable
  • Mix and serve drinks and manage the bar area and inventory
  • Provide recommendations and suggestions for drinks
  • Interacting with guests in a friendly and professional manner

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